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    “They’re watching me. They’re keeping an eye on me.”

    In April 1994, a colleague of Ivan Milat, Don Borthwick, was interviewed by the Task Force Air. He arranged for the officer to conduct the interview at his office, Borthwick and Pengilly Asphalt Pty Ltd in St Clair. Said it was a routine enquiry. Ivan was one of many people they were looking at. They asked what he was like; how much control Borthwick had over his movements at the RTA. They asked him about his work attendance. They were pretty casual. Borthwick thought it was all bullshit. Not Ivan. He didn’t tell them what he was thinking, but he made it clear from his tone that they had the…

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    2009 : Ivan Milat cuts off his finger

    On January 26, 2009, Ivan Milat, in quite a gruesome way, cut off his little finger of his left hand, as a protest against the High Court. The following account is taken from the book, “Australia’s Most Murderous Prison – Behind the Walls of Goulburn Jail” : The officer picked up the chunky envelope addressed to the High Court of Australia. Bit heavy for a bit of paper — better have a look. The officer slowly, carefully sliced open the package that Ivan Milat was attempting to send to Australia’s final court of appeal. He shook over the envelope over a table, a blood-splattered tissue hit the desk. The officer,…

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    Ivan Milat’s Younger Years

    “These people like Milat are consummate actors,” forensic psychiatrist Rod Milton, who advised Task Force Air during their 20-month hunt for the killer, said. They “present themselves as loving and kind and nice. It’s very interesting to think that some of these serial killers’ families, when they find out, sever all connections. Others closes ranks.” By and large, Milat’s family has thus far stood by him, and so has his former girlfriend.  Actor he was. Through his sheer energy and cowboy charm, Milat exerted a certain charisma that captivated and bullied those close to him and, like the distractions of a good magician, served to veil evil impulses that he…

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    Violent Crimes that Shocked a Nation, Unsolved

    Following Ivan Milat’s arrest, police officers started searching the home he shared with his sister, Shirley. Among the items seized was this book, Violent Crimes that Shocked a Nation – Unsolved by Australian author and former Daily Mirror reporter, Anthony Barnao. The book was published in 1985 and is now out of print. The Canberra Times article from November 2, 1994 as well as author of the book Highway to Nowhere, Richard Shears mistakenly named the book Violent Crimes that Rocked a Nation – Unsolved. I couldn’t find a description of the book but going by the title it’s obviously about unsolved crimes in Australia.

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    Ivan Milat and Marilyn Milat-Tempest

    Les Kennedy, author of Sins of the Brother, tracked down Marilyn Milat-Tempest, Boris’ ex-wife who had an 11-year affair with Ivan. She agreed to talk to him on the phone. He couldn’t get much out of her beside the usual, that she was still in love with Ivan despite what happened. Marilyn never stopped believing in Ivan and kept visiting him in prison, even after the guilty verdict. The Daily Telegraph also spoke to Marilyn, a few months before his death, “I don’t want him to die, he’s sick, I don’t love him like that, anymore, well … I always will love him… I’ve kept the name all these years. Ivan…

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    Ivan Milat’s victim, Margaret Patterson: “He’s genuinely nice”

    In 1995, Les Kennedy met with Margaret Patterson who was picked up by Ivan while she was hitchhiking. She said to Kennedy that she forgave Ivan for what happened and was angry with her former friend for giving interviews in exchange of money. Margaret acknowledged that she has written to Ivan and even visited him in prison more than once. “I do give him the benefit of the doubt that he might not be guilty and I’m just incredibly sad that he was in that situation.  It’s not as though I don’t think the crimes are very bad, but I felt very sorry for him…He seemed extremely happy to see…

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    Ivan and Maureen Reunion

    On January 9, 1991, Ivan Milat showed up on his old flame and former sister-in-law’s doorstep, Maureen Murray, after having lost contact for 10 years : He came in, and she made him coffee. She hadn’t forgotten that he had it in a white mug, black, no sugar, but she made the mistake of using a plunger. “Can I have a real cup of coffee,” he complained. He wanted instant because it came out hotter. They chatted about old times and about the family. (…) He told her he had gone the heavy on this bloke who got one of his nieces pregnant. “I think he’s going to behave himself…