Letter to Chalinder : September 27, 1994

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Ivan Milat‘s letter to his companion, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling mistakes are his.


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Released 27-9-94.

My dearist Chalinda,.

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Hi, my love an added week much from you. I situate it tough not to consider you a great deal of the minute, that isn’t a problem I find it give’s me some feeling of being normal, it is identifying simply exactly how you are dealing is my worry … Just effort in addition to look after by yourself. I presume your job will definitely help it show up’s to be a lot a lot more calling for than the old one. Many thanks for revealing up on Sunday you looked so terrific I would absolutely have actually suched as to merely reside you regularly as well as additionally hold you very limited. I comprehend I did yap with Shirley yet my love it related to some pressing concern’s which she did straighten out. Perhap’s we will enable Wendy be the bridesmaid? I eventually’s fail to remember various other people whom will absolutely look after you I want they do. Do not you have breakfast in your house your letter was specifying worrying you on the train in addition to your stubborn belly specifying it is breakfast time I presume you never ever before had enough time on that particular specific day … factors are rolling allong right below the minute goe’s incredibly quick I commonly have a tendency to do factors that keep me energetic periodically I just take notice of various other people they all have problem’s I can not aid them in any case yet it show up’s to make them a little much better.

Anyhow my love continue to be well along with healthy and balanced as well as well balanced as well as additionally keep an eye out for factors.

Letter to Chalinder : September 27, 1994 image 1

All my love, Ivan xxxxxxx.

PS I will certainly not overlook the rose’s.

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