Ivan Milat about the book “Fate”

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In a letter dated February 6, 1998, Ivan shared his point of view concerning Neil Mercer’s publication, Destiny, Inside the Backpacker Murders Examination:

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“I had a little a read of that publication by Neil Mercer, Fate, Inside the Backpacker Murders Investigation, a collection of thumbnail-type tales and also rather noticeable where the info originated from. I note he attempted to represent it as an account of reality and also what occurred and also does his ideal to place across points as if they were truth.

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It is a cheap-type first-effort publication, costly $19.95. A great deal of points (all) protest me yet he needs to maintain belief with the cops. There are great deals of double-type points in it typically, all to make me appear like a pinhead.

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I would certainly require the very same quantity of web pages to respond to it as well as reveal the outright unpredictability of his “essay”.”

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