Transcript : Phone call between Ivan Milat and Caroline Milat

Transcript : Phone call between Ivan Milat and Caroline Milat image 0

Ivan Milat, Caroline Milat and also Bill Milat.

With his consent, Caroline Milat, his sister-in-law (wed to his bro, Bill) tape-recorded several of her call with Ivan following his test, “Ivan provides me a telephone call when he makes a demand to make use of the phone as well as he has actually stunned me some early mornings as well as he’s sounded me a number of times throughout the week. We simply have basic conversations and also, with Ivan’s consent, I have actually additionally videotaped several of those discussions that we have actually had.

The following is a records of a few of the telephone call:

CAROLINE MILAT: What do you do daily in there?

IVAN MILAT: Nothing, you can kind of walk around as well as run around if you intend to, like I’ve simply been today, due to the fact that they altered my cell, simply providing it a little a wipe out, a little bit of a clean. I go to community on that since you type of obtain all this cleaning agent, and also toss it in one end as well as simply scrub it you understand till you venture out to the various other end, that’s exactly how you do it.

CAROLINE MILAT: And do you believe that you recognize that may be liable?

IVAN MILAT: No, I’ve obtained no concept, I could think about all kind of points yet no not actually …

CAROLINE MILAT: You recognize the last day of the test, were you actually certain that you would certainly be discovered innocent?

IVAN MILAT: I was rather certain, taking place the proof. That’s what I was taking place. You recognize, the DNA and also whatever else. However I could not depend on the court.

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CAROLINE MILAT: What regarding the DNA?

IVAN MILAT: Well it had not been mine, was it?

CAROLINE MILAT: Yeah, well, I recognize that. Yeah.

IVAN MILAT: I believed the court’s visiting that.

IVAN MILAT: I never ever suggested that to begin with. I do not recognize exactly how that been available in, I was absolutely astonished when I was resting there as well as I listened to that, I had no suggestion, ’cause my fundamental protection in my test was it had not been me. I do not understand that did it. It depended on them to show my shame, except me to confirm my virtue.

CAROLINE MILAT: Have you ever before been to Belanglo Forest?

IVAN MILAT: Not a lot. The only time I went there, I went there as soon as with Alex. You recognize, you go there, there’s a capturing club down there, it’s simply a lengthy straight old roadway. There’s a roadway that goes off the freeway. I recognize where it is ’cause we serviced the freeway full blast along there, large indicator there.

When his marital relationship to Karen damaged down Ivan was smashed, definitely smashed. And also all he might claim is, I can not think it. I simply can not think it. He stated, I assumed I treated her well, however I simply can not think it. He was, he was simply a really ruined, damaged male.

CAROLINE MILAT: So, was it a specifically tough time in your life?

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IVAN MILAT: Traumatic, I expect, basically like a fatality in the family members, I intend. That’s exactly how it struck me you recognize. It’s type of a loss. I liked her and also undoubtedly she really did not like me, or whatever. I had no concept, I obtained the scare of my life, in a manner of speaking


IVAN MILAT: I see they arranged that Ossetian trouble out, you understand, the Russian trouble. They entered there with weapons shooting, they eliminated regarding 2 hundred children (laugh).


IVAN MILAT: Yeah, they really did not fiddle.


IVAN MILAT: This is what the records are claiming. Yeah they began the other day.


IVAN MILAT: And boom, boom, boom.

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CAROLINE MILAT: Oh God, oh that’s terrible.

IVAN MILAT: They do not dabble (laugh). However jeez they bungled the location.

CAROLINE MILAT: Did they actually?


CAROLINE MILAT: Oh that’s dreadful.

IVAN MILAT: Oh yep, it’s like Baghdad the manner in which college structure looks currently.

CAROLINE MILAT: Oh, actually?


IVAN MILAT: You recognize I might consider all kind of points yet I have not obtained no concept. I recognize …

AUTOMATED VOICE: Your telephone call has actually been ended by the Department of Correctional Services.

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