Book : The Serial Killers by Colin Wilson

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There’s just 3 web pages regarding Ivan however it does not have precision:

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  • Not truly a blunder, yet worrying the 1971 rape fee, guide just stated that Ivan quit at a gas terminal as well as I believe it’s crucial to inform that he quit because Greta was parched and also required a beverage, so he drove her to the fuel terminal and also waited in the auto with Margaret.
  • When he took off to New Zealand he had not been “restored” to Australia, he returned on his very own. He saw his mommy at the healthcare facility and also his sibling, Boris, called the police officers.
  • The writer declared that “there was proof that, as he eliminated a growing number of targets, he delighted in taking even more time over it– six cigarette butts were discovered near the scene of one murder.” Ivan really did not smoke, the cigarettes butts weren’t his.
  • “Both males and females were raped.” None of the sperm examples located were Ivan’s, his DNA was never ever located on any kind of criminal offense scene.

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