There’s only 3 pages about Ivan but it lacks accuracy:

  • Not really a mistake, but concerning the 1971 rape charge, the book only mentioned that Ivan stopped at a petrol station and I think it’s important to tell that he stopped because Greta was thirsty and needed a drink, so he drove her to the petrol station and waited in the car with Margaret.
  • When he fled to New Zealand he wasn’t “brought back” to Australia, he came back on his own. He visited his mother at the hospital and his brother, Boris, called the cops.
  • The author claimed that “there was evidence that, as he killed more and more victims, he enjoyed taking more time over it — half a dozen cigarette butts were found near the scene of one murder.” Ivan didn’t smoke, the cigarettes butts weren’t his.
  • “Both men and women were raped.” None of the sperm samples found were Ivan’s, his DNA was never found on any crime scene.

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