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    Ivan Milat – Maitland Gaol

    Following his trial, Ivan was sent to Maitland Gaol, located in East Maitland, New South Wales. Ivan’s cell was the 014 and his prison number was 240140. Maitland Gaol opened in 1848, and closed in 1998. Ivan was transferred to Goulburn Correctional Centre in Goulburn, New South Wales in 1997 following a “failed escape attempt” (we’ll go back to that another time). The photo above is Ivan’s prison portrait and the photo below shows his cell in Maitland Gaol. The items in the cell were left by Ivan.

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    Letter to Chalinder : December 06, 1995

    Ivan Milat’s letter to his girlfriend, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling mistakes are his. My dear Chalinda Hello my love, I am well and hope you are…It has been a long time for us and you have been with me all the way, which I am so glad. I am torn between my heart and mind what I should say to you. I only want you to live a happy life, I love you so much that I would do anything to make you happy. Me not writing to you I suppose would not achieve that, that hasn’t been the reason, I only wanted to give you a…

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    Anecdote from Supermax

    Anecdote from The Sunday Telegraph, August 23, 2020 : “We were inundated with stories from former Corrective Service NSW prison staff. Our source swears the officer asked Ivan Milat if he had “been a good boy” before handing him a magazine. The scene was allegedly videoed on a hand-held recorder (used of force was to be used on an inmate), although the footage has long disappeared.”

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    Catching Milat on Amazon Prime

    “Catching Milat“, a four-part Australian series is streaming on Amazon Prime. It follows the life of Ivan Milat at the time of the murders and the NSW Police Taskforce – in particular, Detective Paul Gordon – who tracked him down.It’s a good series as a whole even though they gave too much credit to Paul Gordon (not surprised as he consulted on the series…) and even though the actor playing Ivan was quite good, I had a hard time picturing as Ivan (his face was too “stern”). It’s really worth a watch though!

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    New Book by Ivan Milat’s Defense Attorney

    Andrew Boe, Ivan’s defense lawyer just published a book about his life and cases, “The Truth Hurts – An exposé of imperfect justice”. Took me a little while but I found a site shipping it overseas so I was able to order it! An anecdote from The Guardian : “Or the image Boe paints of himself as an exhausted trial lawyer, falling asleep and waking to find himself resting his head on his client’s shoulder. The client was backpacker killer Ivan Milat, who was “holding me like a baby”.It was during his three years acting for Milat, who was found guilty of murdering seven people, that the Brisbane lawyer became…