Letter to Chalinder : July 20, 1994

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Ivan Milat‘s letter to his sweetie, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling oversights are his. Ivan revealed her name “Chalinda” in addition to used to call her “Cylinder” thought about that he can not verbalize her name.

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My dear Chalinda

Hi simply particularly simply exactly how are you I am OK, as you recognize I acquired your letter recently do not stress in addition to anxiety over what them people produce as you specified it is as an outcome of the truth that the authorities are informing them I think it will certainly most certainly be a while before it come’s out. We require to acquire our quick originally, it would certainly kick up a row if it did show up at first.

I showed up stomach muscle [Andrew Boe] today most certainly absolutely nothing a large amount had actually in reality modified so we are still on still … I will certainly be calling you before you acquire this. Keep in mind just exactly simply exactly how this letter is folded I will definitely talk with you on the phone. What are you checking out the collections for it will absolutely simply prevent you unless stomach muscle desires something I find much more worrying authorities corruption along with in addition exists in addition to simply especially simply exactly how definitely nothing take place’s to them, do not stress and anxiety over plan either. Starting making up a story fretting me take your time together with additionally preserve it unusual as you they would most definitely such as to chat with you so make up from when you originally pleased me (I will absolutely constantly keep in mind or regret it I stress it as one of the high’s of my life) I prefer you can send a picture in simply a young person will absolutely do …

I do miss you along with likewise like you however I do not prefer you to drop on life so you my love what in the past you do I memorialize I have in fact totally happy you.

Love Ivan [heart] xxxxxxx

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