Unconfirmed Victims : Gillian Jamieson and Deborah Balken

Unconfirmed Victims : Gillian Jamieson and Deborah Balken photo 0

Gillian Jamieson and also Deborah Balken.

Gillian Janine Jamieson as well as Deborah Susan Balken, both 19, were last seen on July 12, 1980, at the Toll Gate Hotel, North Parramatta, and after that became aware of by a telephone call from Wollongong. They intended to bum a ride from Thirroul terminal, near Wollongong, to Sydney.

The replacement state coroner Carl Milovanovich asked yourself whether all the “peculiar coincidence of young adults going missing out on” might be laid at Milat’s feet.

It might well exist is one more serial awesome available, and also the wrongdoer below might not be Ivan Milat. Regrettably, his name turns up in every missing out on individual’s instance I manage.” he claimed the other day, while providing his acknowledgements to the Jamieson as well as Balken family members.

Milovanovich discovered that registered nurses Gillian Jamieson as well as Deborah Balken passed away a couple of days after they were last seen at Parramatta’s Tollgate Hotel in 1980.

The inquest listened to that both ladies, that had actually been institution buddies at Cumberland High School, typically bummed a ride. One close friend informed cops “it was not uncommon for Debbie and also Gill to head to areas with individuals they barely recognized on an assurance of a great time“. They were last seen at a favored club, the Tollgate Hotel in Parramatta, on the evening of July 12, 1980. It was a bikie hangout, as well as medications flowed at the resort.

Cops were informed as Ms Balkan claimed she as well as Ms Jamieson had actually gone there for a celebration with a guy she called the “garden enthusiast other” and also asked Ms Gilchrist to inform their corresponding medical facilities they were also ill to head to function and also would certainly not return for 6 days. Both females left complete pay packages behind in their level.

The Toollgate Hotel in 2018. Credit Rating: Trip Advisor.

A female that operated in the sandwich shop at the resort informed authorities exactly how she had actually been terrorised by a male that she acknowledged as having actually been talking to the ladies on the evening they vanished. Months after, he approached her at the resort and also claimed: “It was an awful point that occurred. You understand they’re dead. The authorities will not discover them. It’ll take place to your 2 children and after that you.” He intimidated to reduce her throat and also “slit” her children. She claimed she left job that evening, never ever to return. She stated the male put on a black really felt hat with a big border. She assisted authorities prepare a composite image of him without a hat.

The inquest listened to Balken could have been utilizing heroin. Ms Jamieson as well as Ms Balken had a background of try out medications.

Sgt McNab claimed the ladies might have overdosed, or been killed while riding. Conversely, somebody “recognized to the ladies killed them and also disposed of their bodies,”he claimed.

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In the months after their loss greater than 40 declared discoveries were reported to the cops, extending from Queensland to Victoria.

Checking out cops took seriously one reported discovery of 2 girls seen in a cars and truck in Parramatta right after their loss. A young adult as well as her mommy explained 2 guys attempting to place jumpers on the females, that were limp and also drooping. The young adult was hypnotised in 1998 as component of the examination.

The various other primary individuals of passion called consisted of 2 previous fellow pupils from Cumberland High School. Peter King, that was associated with medicines, had actually been going out with Balken. The inquest listened to that one more graduate, Peter Flood, that has actually offered prison for sexual offense, was consumed with Balken, as well as lugs pictures of both females as component of his very own “examination”. Likewise called was Michael Toomey, a garden enthusiast at Yallabi Nursing Home, that understood Jamieson and also remained in a team chatting with the ladies the evening they vanished.

Balken’s sis, Cheryl, stated outside court that while the fatality declaration suggested the household might currently obtain a fatality certification, she would certainly not look for a certification up until her sibling’s remains were located. She and also Jamieson’s mommy have actually provided DNA examples to cops.

Examining cops took seriously one reported discovery of 2 girls seen in a cars and truck in Parramatta right after their loss. A young adult and also her mommy defined 2 guys attempting to place jumpers on the females, that were limp as well as saggy. The teen was hypnotised in 1998 as component of the examination.

The coroner claimed the instance would certainly not be shut, as well as would certainly be turned over to the “chilly instance” murder device. He likewise asked that the Government provide an incentive.

Identikit photo of the male desired in regard to the loss of 2 Sydney registered nurses Gillian Jamieson and also Deborah Balken.

Adhering to Ivan’s anti-food objection the Police chose to find see him.

The policeman accountable of the authorities examination, Detective Sergeant Ian McNab, informed the inquest, at the State Coroner’s Court in Westmead, that he had actually talked to Milat in 2004. He had actually revealed him images of the females, as well as a composite image of a male suspect in a really felt hat. Milat claimed that at the time he did not possess such a hat, and also stated he had actually never ever fulfilled the ladies.

Can Ivan Milat be connected to the instance?

It had not been very easy to discover info concerning this situation as papers hardly stated it at the time of the loss. Milat’s sentence in 1996 stimulated restored rate of interest so I think it’s really a good idea he was connected to this situation!

Stating that I think it’s very not likely Ivan Milat did it. As Carl Milovanovich claimed, Police often tend to tossed every one of unresolved situations to Ivan’s feet. He was just recently free from one more kidnapping he was implicated of.

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At the time of the loss, Ivan was functioning much less than 2km away at the after that Department of Main Roads and also resided in Guilford, in a campers in his mom’s yard with his sweetheart, Karen as well as his stepson. Guilford was 9 kilometres far from Parramatta. I assume it’s essential to keep in mind that when Ivan was functioning he absolutely had not been searching. Every one of his power was invested in his job and also he was typically resolving the weekend break. One more vital factor: He remained in a partnership. The murders he bolstered constantly taken place after a fallen short partnership or a traumatizing occasion in his life.

In the letter listed below, Ivan Milat explained that authorities made use of a 1994 photo of him to contrast it to the composite illustration. Milat was 49 year-old on the image as well as 36 year-old in 1980. Milat additionally discuss a hat on the illustration which lead me te think he was revealed a various one than the very first one utilized by authorities. The main one absolutely looks absolutely nothing like him.

Ivan Milat in the very early 80s.

The suspect was seen alcohol consumption with the women eventually. Ivan really did not consume and also was not recognized to regular such locations.

Milovanovich claimed the women were eliminated a couple of days after their loss. I would certainly say it’s difficult to offer a time of fatality without bodies. They either hitchhike and also were eliminated by a hidden criminal or were both maintained to life by the awesome. Ivan never ever maintained his targets active for days, and also him functioning throughout the duration of the murders occurred get rid of the opportunity of his participation. A stationmaster of Thirroul terminal declared he saw 2 women leaving a train as well as intending to bum a ride back to Sydney. As I claimed above, he usually functioned throughout weekend breaks and also if he had not been on this details Saturday evening, he was most likely costs it with Karen as well as Jason as he constantly did.

Ivan Milat associated letters to the situation

Ivan Milat sent out both of these letters to his nephew, Alistair Shipsey.

5 February 2004

I’ve been relatively hectic the last couple of weeks creating letters to arseholes, like the cops priest as well as others, pertaining to the cops launching details that I’m accountable for some old 1980 loss and also allowing the media persuade the general public that it was me.

The authorities typically do this to me, however the last one was extreme and also informed even more lies than normal. I believe it was to place a little crap on me, as my allure procedure us beginning to find to the hearing days.

Maybe you might have discovered this moment they reveal 2 photos: the Identi-Kit one, comprised from monitorings of witnesses that saw the male putting on a hat in grunt work garments with the registered nurses– that remained in 1980. That image later on released in 1980 is an effort to discover me.

The various other image is of me putting on an RTA hat. I kept in mind that the media states there was some similarity to the Identi-Kit one.

Unconfirmed Victims : Gillian Jamieson and Deborah Balken photo 3

I generally see both had hats on, however what was not informed is that my picture was absorbed very early 1994. (I was 50 years old in 1994.) In 1980, I was 36 years of ages. Yet the concept was to mount me psychological of the general public, not to take me to court.


The fucking cops do not can be found in to ask me an inquiry.


I mostly explained the 14-year distinction in between both pictures and also asked the press reporter that the cops were searching for in 1980– a fifty-year old male or what. Definitely the eyewitness would certainly have thought his age.

22 March 2004

The authorities– all they ask me is where I got on 12 July 1980! That’s when both registered nurses were last seen. Well, I had no concept where I was. It was a Saturday night, they stated. I was possibly at residence with Karen and also young Jess. If I’m not at the office, I’m with them. I recognized I remained in the “Tollgate Hotel alcohol consumption with 2 registered nurses.”

The authorities did not inform me a great deal, however did claim a detainee saw me right here in Gouldburn Prison in 96-97, and also he claimed he identified me as the individual alcohol consumption with 2 registered nurses on 12 July 1980.

He did not report it till ’03– this is what authorities claimed; no suggestion of who that detainee is.

So, authorities claimed they would certainly explore it as well as see what occurs!

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