Ivan Milat’s letter to his girlfriend, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling mistakes are his.


Posted 27-9-94

My dearist Chalinda,

Hi, my love another week away from you. I find it hard not to think of you most of the time, that isnt a problem I find it give’s me some feeling of being normal, it is knowing how you are coping is my worry… Just try and look after yourself. I think your job will help it seem’s to be a lot more demanding than the old one. Thank you for turning up on Sunday you looked so nice I would have loved to just sit with you all day and hold you very tight. I know I did talk a lot with Shirley but my love it was about some pressing matter’s which she did sort out. Perhap’s we will let Wendy be the bridesmaid? I sometime’s forget about other people whom will look after you I hope they do. Don’t you have breakfast at home your letter was saying about you on the train and your stomach saying it is breakfast time I presume you never had enough time on that day… things are rolling allong here the time goe’s very quick I tend to do things that keep me busy sometimes I just listen to other people they all have problem’s I can’t help them anyway but it seem’s to make them a bit happier.

Anyway my love stay well and healthy and look out for things

All my love, Ivan xxxxxxx

PS I won’t forget the rose’s.

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