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    “I Believe he’s a good man”

    Two friends, a married couple who have known Ivan Milat for around 20 years, and who would prefer their names not be published, called him “a good mate. When you needed a hand, he was there,” said the husband, pointing out the work Milat had done around their home. “You didn’t need to ask him. When he was arrested we couldn’t believe it.“Added his wife : “I believe he’s a good man. He was easy to get on with, tremendously easy, and I’ve never seen him angry. They’ve got to find the real person who did this.“

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    Ivan Milat’s Pattern of Murder

    In 1971, Ivan Milat was accused of the rape of Margaret Patterson but walked free following a 1-day trial. Following this event a pattern can be clearly identified. It might be coincidental, but there is a strong possibility that it is one key to his subsequent rampage. Milat entered into two stable relationships with women. While they lasted, he was passive, or at least his murderous impulses were subdued or in control. The killings began when the first relationship broke up and they ended when the second relationship began. In between, from December 1989 to April 1992, Milat was a cunning, cruel and perhaps maniacal killer, the most dangerous man…

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    Letter to Chalinder : September 27, 1994

    Ivan Milat’s letter to his girlfriend, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling mistakes are his. THOUGHT ABOUT YOU FOR DAY’S Posted 27-9-94 My dearist Chalinda, Hi, my love another week away from you. I find it hard not to think of you most of the time, that isnt a problem I find it give’s me some feeling of being normal, it is knowing how you are coping is my worry… Just try and look after yourself. I think your job will help it seem’s to be a lot more demanding than the old one. Thank you for turning up on Sunday you looked so nice I would have loved…