Ivan Milat, Caroline Milat and Bill Milat.

With his permission, Caroline Milat, his sister-in-law (married to his brother, Bill) recorded some of her phone calls with Ivan following his trial, “Ivan gives me a phone call when he makes a request to use the phone and he has surprised me some mornings and he’s rang me a couple of times during the week. We just have general chats and, with Ivan’s permission, I have also recorded some of those conversations that we have had.

The following is a transcript of some of the phone calls :

CAROLINE MILAT: What do you do day-to-day in there?

IVAN MILAT: Nothing, you can sort of go around and run around if you want to, like I’ve just been this morning, because they changed my cell, just giving it a bit of a mop out, a bit of a clean out. I go to town on that because you sort of get all this detergent, and throw it in one end and just scrub it you know till you get out to the other end, that’s how you do it.

CAROLINE MILAT: And do you think that you know who may be responsible?

IVAN MILAT: No, I’ve got no idea, I could think of all sorts of things but no not really…

CAROLINE MILAT: You know the final day of the trial, were you really confident that you’d be found innocent?

IVAN MILAT: I was fairly confident, going on the evidence. That’s what I was going on. You know, the DNA and everything else. But I couldn’t count on the judge.

CAROLINE MILAT: What about the DNA?

IVAN MILAT: Well it wasn’t mine, was it?

CAROLINE MILAT: Yeah, well, I realize that. Yeah.

IVAN MILAT: I thought the jury’s going to see that.

IVAN MILAT: I never argued that in the first place. I don’t know how that come in, I was totally amazed when I was sitting there and I heard that, I had no idea, ‘cause my basic defense in my trial was it wasn’t me. I don’t know who did it. It was up to them to prove my guilt, not for me to prove my innocence.

CAROLINE MILAT: Have you ever been to Belanglo Forest?

IVAN MILAT: Not so much. The only time I went there, I went there once with Alex. You know, you go there, there’s a shooting club down there, it’s just a long straight old road. There’s a road that goes off the highway. I know where it is ‘cause we worked on the highway all out along there, big sign there.

When his marriage to Karen broke down Ivan was shattered, absolutely shattered. And all he could say is, I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it. He said, I thought I treated her well, but I just can’t believe it. He was, he was just a very shattered, broken man.

CAROLINE MILAT: So, was it a particularly hard time in your life?

IVAN MILAT: Traumatic, I suppose, virtually like a death in the family, I suppose. That’s how it struck me you know. It’s sort of a loss. I loved her and obviously she didn’t love me, or whatever. I had no idea, I got the fright of my life, so to speak


IVAN MILAT: I see they sorted that Ossetian problem out, you know, the Russian problem. They went in there with guns firing, they killed about two hundred kids (laugh).


IVAN MILAT: Yeah, they didn’t muck around.


IVAN MILAT: This is what the reports are saying. Yeah they started yesterday.


IVAN MILAT: And boom, boom, boom.

CAROLINE MILAT: Oh God, oh that’s horrible.

IVAN MILAT: They don’t muck around (laugh). But jeez they made a mess of the place.

CAROLINE MILAT: Did they really?

IVAN MILAT: Oh yeah.

CAROLINE MILAT: Oh that’s horrible.

IVAN MILAT: Oh yeah, it’s like Baghdad the way that school building looks now.



IVAN MILAT: You know I could think of all sorts of things but I haven’t got no idea. I know…

AUTOMATED VOICE: Your call has been terminated by the Department of Correctional Services. 

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