Following Ivan’s arrest on May 22, 1994 and after securing the house located at 22 Cinnabar StEagle Vale NSW 2558, Australia, Ivan was taken back inside by two task force detectives while other officers carried out the search of the premises. The following is a list of the evidence found inside the house :

Bedroom 1 (Shirley Milat’s) : Various photo albums, a Salewa brand sleeping bag and a green sleeping bag.

Bedroom 3 (Ivan’s bedroom) :  38 .22 calibre cartridges of Eley brand ammunition with an ‘E’ head stamp and Winchester Brand ammunition with an ‘H’ head stamp. New Zealand and Indonesian bank notes. Postcard from a friend of Ivan, addressing ‘Bill’, a roll of black electric tape, and a driver’s licence in his brother’s name.

Bedroom 4 : Camouflage-painted Bowie knife, boxes of Eley brand ammunition, a broken barrel band from a Ruger 10/22 rifle, a Ruger 10/22 instruction manual, a receipt for a Winchester shot gun in the name of Norman Chong, various firearms parts including grip plates from a Colt revolver, Winchester and other makes of ammunition of .45, .38 and .32 calibre, enamel model hobby paints, a green plastic water bottle with the name ‘Simi’ written on it in two places, a paintball mask painted in camouflage colors and other items.

Hall cupboard : Inside a pair of HY Test brand work boots, was a Ruger 10/22 receiver, serial number 120-15357, with camouflage paint on it. Map of the Southern Highlands including the Belanglo State Forest.

Laundry : Under the washing machine was a found a Browning .32 calibre pistol, with a pouch, ammunition and magazine. 

Browning pistol and corner of washing machine.

Kitchen : Olympus ‘Trip’ 35 mm camera, portable camp cooking set. On the kitchen bench was found a radio scanner, painted camouflage.

Family room : manual entitled ‘Select Fire 10/22’. Photo album containing a photograph of Chalinder Hughes wearing a green and white colored Benetton brand shirt, photographs of Ivan inside the Eagle Vale house dressed as a cowboy holding a Winchester 30/30 repeating rifle, with a packet of Winchester 30/30 cartridges and a photograph of a pistol in holster on Harley Davidson.

Wall cavity : white plastic bag containing a Ruger trigger assembly, bolt assembly, spring and guide, ‘Ramline’ magazine and two pieces of cloth from a shirt. Beside the bag was a 10-shot Ruger rotary magazine.

Garage and Car: Salewa sleeping bag cover, a Vau de Hogan brand tent, a green tent peg bag and pegs, a green bag containing an aluminium tent frame and an elasticized Compact-o-Mat brand compression band for strapping camping gear. Homemade silencer, a variety of .45 calibre ammunition suitable for use in a pistol or revolver, a roll of black electric tape, 12 black plastic cable ties, a green and white striped pillow case containing five lengths of sash cord, a butt plate suitable for a Ruger 10/22 rifle, a large bag containing a quantity of rags.

Below is a floor plan of Ivan’s house :

One thought on “Evidence : Ivan Milat’s House

  1. I have a girlfriend who in 1984 was picked up with her friend hitch hiking south. She described his white ute, how he was with his brother. Milat said he had to make a quick stop off to get something. He stopped at a house and put something metal in the back, as it had just turned dark. As they drive back on highway, he told the girls he was taking a short cut and turned into a dirt track/ fire trail, before that he was very polite, both of them. The girls in the middle and the Milat’s one other side. My friend was suspicious and started asking questions and Ivan turned. She thought they were going to be raped going further down this track which was getting more and more bushy. Her friend froze while she started telling them they would never get away with it.
    Prior to this my friend had noticed in conversation with them both that the brother seemed ‘slow’, when she started telling the brother her father was a in jail at the time would get them if the cops didn’t, then the brother yelled he did not want to do it.
    My friend got mad still yelling at them when Ivan back handed her in the face. Then telling his brother we are here now, have the gun in the back and that they were going to ‘do it’s,
    My friend had holded yelling but when she heard gun, she knew she could only try to convince the brother not to go ahead with it. After a bit more talk. The brother demanded Ivan stop, he did the brother jumped out of the ute and started walking back up the track in the dark, Ivan drove a little more forward, then braked, slamming his fists on the wheel saying ‘damm it’, then as the track was so small he had to reverse out, telling his brother to get in. They reversed back to the highway, told the girls to get out, and that he had showed them a lesson on why not to hitch hike. They drove away leaving the girls on the highway.
    My friend never reported it as she did not realise that it was Milat till after he was caught and when she told me the story, I added the pieces together, it was Ivan probably before he had committed the murders. His brother definitely knew a lot more then you think, if that is whether he had a ‘slow’ brother.
    Not exactly sure of date but either in 1983/84.


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