The house at the time of Ivan’s arrest.

Ivan Milat‘s house is located at 22 Cinnabar StEagle Vale NSW 2558, Australia. Ivan and his sister, Shirley, bought the land for $50,000 in 1992 and he started building the house with his brother, Wally.

From Sins of the Brothers by Mark Whitaker and Les Kennedy :

Ivan told his workmates ‘I’m going to build it with this sheila.’ His friends, Noel Wild and Terry Palmer were under the impression he was shacking up with some woman as well as having ‘Cylinder’.

‘What’s your girlfriend think of that?’ Wild asked.

‘It’s all right. She’s very much like me.’

‘What, have you got ’em on a roaster?’ Palmer asked. ‘You can’t service both of ’em together.’

‘Nah, it works out all right,’ said Ivan the stud. ‘One doesn’t mind. The other’s a bit pissed off about it, but it’s working all right.’

Ivan didn’t talk about his family at all. Wild didn’t even know he had a sister, let alone that it was his sister Shirley he was actually building the house with.

A year after Ivan’s arrest, Shirley sold the house for $160,000, keeping all the money to herself. The house was last sold in May 2016 for $660,000 and is now worth between $650,000 – $750,000. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 parking places. The swimming pool was added after Shirley sold the house.

The living room as it was in 2016 and Ivan posing in 1994.
One of the bedrooms in 1994, at the time of Ivan’s arrest.

Check out the photos of the house as it was in 2016, courtesy of :

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