Ivan Milat, January 1994.

Ivan Milat’s letter to his girlfriend, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling mistakes are his. Ivan spelled her name “Chalinda” and used to call her “Cylinder” because he couldn’t pronounce her name.

Saturday 16.7.94

Post? 18.7.94

My dear Chalinda,

Hi I miss you so much today when you arrived it felt like a weight was lifted from me…I have seen Andrew [Boe, Milat’s trial lawyer] a little while ago. He appear’s happy how it is going, he does inspire my spirits when he tells me what he is doing. The crown is not being co-operative at the moment, but Andrew said not to worry. Anyway love thank you for turning up today I do love you, and I will if I ever get out of here show you what is in my heart towards you. I hope you look after yourself and keep your spirits up and try and get about and out and have some fun… Well, love, I love you and hope we can be together again. 



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