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Corrective Services officer about Ivan Milat’s years at Goulburn Supermax

Ivan Milat on the day of the verdict, July 27, 1997.

‘Frank’’, a career Corrective Services officer now in retirement who knew Ivan Milat during his years at Goulburn Supermax has no illusions about the backpacker killer.

I’d describe him as nondescript,” Frank tells me about the jail’s most infamous prisoner. “He was nothing startling, to me he was just another crim who’d vacuum the hallways. In later years he was flat out stringing two words together.’’

But Milat’s idiosyncratic nature still left something of an impression as Frank remembers. “He did teach me how to recharge flat batteries,” he chuckles, still puzzled by Milat’s curious behavior. “Milat had a lot of tricks like that he’d picked up while working on the road gangs.

On arriving at Goulburn, Milat — surprisingly — had initially been placed in general circulation with the other prisoners who were inside for any number of different offences, from drink driving to armed robbery.

Ivan’s cell.

But there were concerns Milat could be a target.

You’ll get that crim who’s trying to make a name for himself — ‘I killed Ivan Milat’,” Frank recalls.

It was a clear risk for staff so he was placed in high-risk management.

Frank shared his fears that more bodies might still be out there somewhere.

He was charged with rape in 1971,” he says. “I don’t think he could go clean for another 18 years.

I hope they’re the only ones,” says my contact of his former work partner. “But he covered a lot of ground and had a long time to do more. There are so many missing persons, so many unsolved mysteries.” – The Daily Telegraph, June 1st, 2019.

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