Ivan Milat’s passport photo

In October 1997, The Bulletin published an exclusive interview with Ivan Milat, the first since his arrest and trial. The interview was based on questions sent to him via letters and to which Milat replied. He warned them that the “real murderers” are still free and capable of further killings. He said he was framed by police.

When asked if he was in any way involved in the murders, the convicted serial killer said, “Absolutely not. Nor do I feel I have to show any feelings towards the people murdered by the backpacker killers because I didn’t do them.

He described how he spend most of his days in “closed yard” where “there is no actual open air or sun to see.”

Milat rejected suggestions he was trying to protect members of his family or that he knew of any other “groups” might have been involved, “I will say that people should be very concerned because I didn’t do the killings which means the real murderers, the monsters who did this, are still out there.

Finally, asked about spending the rest of his life in prison, Milat replied, “I wonder at times if they will let me get to an appeal. It is something they don’t want me to do. A lot of obstacles are being placed in my way.” – The Sydney Morning Herald, October 15, 1997.

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