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Letter to Chalinder : March 6, 1995

Ivan made the personalized letterhead in jail.

Ivan Milat’s letter to his girlfriend, Chalinder Hughes, from Long Bay Jail. The spelling mistakes are his.


Chalinda my love

Good evening. I hope you had a nice day. I assume it is Wensday but could be Tuesday. Who care anyway. Again another lost weekend this last 9 1/2 months has been very hard for you. (I do love you and the next 6-7 months will be as difficult as well. I still have high hopes knowing they will make it very hard for me. 

Anyway my love thanks for coming out last Saturday you looked great as usual, don’t worry too much about how I look, it won’t be a problem getting back into shape.

I got these made up, these are the photos that will be used on some report in there. The cover page might be used in a future edition of the magazine in here…

I do love to write to you anyway and I do owe you a few letters. So my love take care and I think of you a lot (boy do I). I love you.

Ivan xxxxxxx

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