The Daily Telegraph managed to talk to Lynise Milat, Ivan and Marilyn’s daughter, a few months before Ivan Milat death :

I don’t think when I look at him, ‘Did he, didn’t he?’. I think he’s an arse and a character but he’s brutally honest, that’s not to say I always like him,” Lynise told the publication.

But I will always love him. I don’t want him to die, he doesn’t deserve to be dying in pain in hospital, I’d rather not … see him.

If the police suspected him, why did they take so long to charge Ivan and allow him to build himself into a serial killer they say he was and let kids get murdered?” she asked.

I do not know if the police have got the wrong man. I know he’s a smart-arse… but I don’t know if he is of the calibre of a serial killer. He was framed, they (police) were desperate to find the person. I’m hoping staying with myself and name will bring forward truths,” she said.

I want to show Ivan, even if he is on the wrong side of the fence on this one, I’m with him, we can laugh about it, he knows how I feel about him. People know who I am in the area, they know I’m a Milat, it’s been hard.

The publication also talked to her following his death :

I am really depressed over the whole thing … Everything about Ivan made me depressed. He was my dad … who isn’t sad when they lose their dad? The whole world might be happy that he’s gone but I’m not. I’ve lost my dad I haven’t been able to go out for years because of him, everyone knows who I am but now I finally can. I’m OK but I’m not really.” she said.

Her mother, Marilyn Milat, ex-wife of Ivan’s brother, Boris, and long time lover of Ivan also spoke a few words :

You’ve got your day, Ivan is dead now. We loved Ivan, everyone loved Ivan, he was loved, you didn’t know him.

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