Marilyn, Ivan, Paul, and Lynise

Les Kennedy, author of Sins of the Brother, tracked down Marilyn Milat-Tempest, Boris’ ex-wife who had an 11-year affair with Ivan. She agreed to talk to him on the phone. He couldn’t get much out of her beside the usual, that she was still in love with Ivan despite what happened. Marilyn never stopped believing in Ivan and kept visiting him in prison, even after the guilty verdict.

The Daily Telegraph also spoke to Marilyn, a few months before his death, “I don’t want him to die, he’s sick, I don’t love him like that, anymore, well … I always will love him… I’ve kept the name all these years. Ivan is Ivan, he’s different to anyone I’ve met. In his last days I can’t forget him… I worry for his health. I worry for him, I call Long Bay jail almost every day to see how he’s doing, they tell me he’s OK,” she said.

Following Marilyn’s interview, The Daily Telegraph also entered in contact with Lynise (Ivan and Marilyn’s secret love child) ’s ex-boyfriend, Paul Gould, “Ivan was always at Marilyn’s house in Niagara Park, he was incredibly charismatic, different to Boris. Ivan had the swagger, he was a womanizer, he never committed to Marilyn, he didn’t want the charge of the two girls. They saw each other for more than 10 years, she was obsessed by him. She loved it when he turned up … they’d sit in the bedroom talking for hours. She never stopped loving him. Lynise didn’t know for years that Boris wasn’t her father, he raised her as his own.

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