Ivan Milat’s criminal history started long before his arrest for the murders of 7 backpackers. Ivan and his brothers were well known from the police since a young age and their mother, Margaret, was used to receive surprise visits from police officers looking for one or more brothers. Ivan’s history with the law started in 1962 when he was only 17 :

1962 – Sentenced at Sydney Children’s Court to six months in a juvenile correctional centre for breaking and entering.

December 1964 – Jailed for 18 months at Parramatta jail and then Emu Plains Prison Farm for breaking, entering and theft.

November 1965 – A month after his release he was jailed again in Parramatta jail while waiting for trial for stealing a motor vehicle.

February 1966 – Sentenced to two years of hard labour. He was freed on parole in April 1967.

October 1967 – Sentenced to three years with eighteen months non-parole for “accessory after the fact of car theft” and for breaching parole.

April 1971 – Bailed from Goulburn Petty Sessions for sexual assault on a woman and dangerous driving.

August 1971 – Arrested on two counts of armed robbery and possessing a pistol. Ivan refused to sign his statement and is bailed out.

October 1971 – He was supposed to attend court for the armed robberies cases but faked his death and fled to New Zealand. His brother Michael was jailed for 12 for the same cases.

April 1974 – Visited his mother at the hospital and was arrested right in her room after his brother, Boris, called the police on him.

December 1974 – Acquitted for the sexual assault case after one of the victims changed her story, as well as for the two counts of armed robbery for lack of evidence.

Ivan then stayed out of trouble up until his arrest on May 22, 1994.

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