1996,  Chalinder Hughes,  Ivan Milat,  Newspapers,  Photos

Ivan Milat and Chalinder Hughes

When asked by a policeman, “how do you feel about your boyfriend being the backpacker killer?, Chalinder Hughes, who’s been dating Ivan Milat for 4 years, could not accept the police allegations about her boyfriend that were thrown around like stun grenades. “The description of the wanted person didn’t fit Ivan. He’s not into provoking people. A very calm person. Not violent and he doesn’t lost his temper. He would never strike a woman, let alone rape and murder. He has a great respect for women. This I know. Ivan is more likely to walk away than have an argument. This is the worst crime imaginable. I’d rather be dead than connected to someone who would commit this.” – The Sydney Morning Herald, 1996.

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