Ivan Milat, right, with his brother Bill on the left at Wombeyan Caves in 1991.

Ivan Milat died in a hospital bed at Sydney’s Long Bay Jail on October 26, 2019. Before his death he sent a final letter to his family asking them to let the NSW government pay for his funeral. His wish was denied and Milat himself paid the cremation with the money from his prison account.

Ivan gave the letter to his brother Bill (pictured above) and asked him to not open it until his death. Below is the transcript of the the full letter :

Hello and may all be well with both of you and your family.

Things are fairly crook with me but while I in mind and senses I would like you to know that years ago you were nominated as my next of kin contact person by CS NSW, that’s Corrective Services New South Wales.

Due to my health issues, I wish to leave you all I have.

All funds, moneys held in my prison account and to possessions of all other items of property, legal and trial and appeal reviews documents held on my behalf by Corrective Services NSW. Above all I request be given to William [Address] I thank you for this.

I realise and am aware that this letter my wishes may not be legal will and testament CS NSW Government Services and probate procedures may come into play I believe.

But hope this letter may clearly show my intentions and wishes that you Bill receive my funds and legal documents.

Keep this letter to show it to your solicitor that you may sole beneficiary.

Please don’t pay for my funeral services or contribute in any way.

CS NSW to fund it all.

A pauper’s burial or whatever is suitable. I have assured the commissioner of CS of NSW of my wishes.

I am innocent of the crimes convicted of.


Ivan Milat


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