• 1988,  1989,  Ivan Milat,  Jobs,  Karen Milat

    1988 – Ivan Milat’s Divorce

    In September 1988, Ivan Milat, in the midst of his divorce from Karen, left his work for the Department of Main Roads. He learned by one of his bosses that parts of his wages were going to pay for Karen’s maintenance. He quickly found a new job working for Sweeping Service under an alias, “Bill”, to stop Karen claiming any of his income. He lasted two months before quitting. He quickly found another job at the Boral plasterboard factory, working under the name Bill Milat. He worked there while the divorce was going through. His divorce was official in October 1989. He went back to his real name and left…

  • 1964,  Ivan Milat,  Photos,  Timeline

    Ivan’s Criminal Timeline

    Ivan Milat’s criminal history started long before his arrest for the murders of 7 backpackers. Ivan and his brothers were well known from the police since a young age and their mother, Margaret, was used to receive surprise visits from police officers looking for one or more brothers. Ivan’s history with the law started in 1962 when he was only 17 : 1962 – Sentenced at Sydney Children’s Court to six months in a juvenile correctional centre for breaking and entering. December 1964 – Jailed for 18 months at Parramatta jail and then Emu Plains Prison Farm for breaking, entering and theft. November 1965 – A month after his release…

  • 1991,  Books,  Ivan Milat,  Marilyn Milat,  Maureen Murray,  Photos,  Sins of the Brother

    Ivan and Maureen Reunion

    On January 9, 1991, Ivan Milat showed up on his old flame and former sister-in-law’s doorstep, Maureen Murray, after having lost contact for 10 years : He came in, and she made him coffee. She hadn’t forgotten that he had it in a white mug, black, no sugar, but she made the mistake of using a plunger. “Can I have a real cup of coffee,” he complained. He wanted instant because it came out hotter. They chatted about old times and about the family. (…) He told her he had gone the heavy on this bloke who got one of his nieces pregnant. “I think he’s going to behave himself…

  • 1994,  Arrest,  Chalinder Hughes,  Ivan Milat,  Newspapers

    Ivan Milat Arrest : Milat felt police call was a joke

    Ivan Milat thought an early-morning telephone call warning him that armed police were about to raid his home was a prank. In conversations taped by police just minutes before his arrest on May 22, 1994, Ivan Milat told police he thought it “really weird” that they would phone him before approaching the house, and he had thought the call was made by someone from his work. Siege and counter-terrorist negotiator Detective Sergeant Wayne Gordon said he had called the house at Eagle Vale in Sydney’s south-west just after 6:30am and told Milat police had surrounded the house. “Mr Ivan Milat, is it?” A male voice answered, “No.” “Is Ivan Milat there?” “No, he’s not…

  • 1985,  Documents,  Ivan Milat,  Photos

    Ivan Milat’s Driver’s Licence

    During an hearing on November 02, 1994, Ms Cate Holmes, Ivan Milat’s attorney (Ivan will eventually fire her on November 14 of the same year), asked Constable Grosse the relevance of some of the items taken from Milat’s house during the search, including the above driver’s licence. The licence is featuring Ivan Milat’s photo but is in the name of Michael Milat, “Did it show anything other than Milat was a “naughty boy” who had a licence in a false name?” she asked Constable Gross. Ivan, like his brother Richard, often used different aliases.

  • 1996,  Chalinder Hughes,  Ivan Milat,  Newspapers,  Photos

    Ivan Milat and Chalinder Hughes

    When asked by a policeman, “how do you feel about your boyfriend being the backpacker killer?”, Chalinder Hughes, who’s been dating Ivan Milat for 4 years, could not accept the police allegations about her boyfriend that were thrown around like stun grenades. “The description of the wanted person didn’t fit Ivan. He’s not into provoking people. A very calm person. Not violent and he doesn’t lost his temper. He would never strike a woman, let alone rape and murder. He has a great respect for women. This I know. Ivan is more likely to walk away than have an argument. This is the worst crime imaginable. I’d rather be dead than…

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    Ivan Milat’s Final Letter

    Ivan Milat died in a hospital bed at Sydney’s Long Bay Jail on October 26, 2019. Before his death he sent a final letter to his family asking them to let the NSW government pay for his funeral. His wish was denied and Milat himself paid the cremation with the money from his prison account. Ivan gave the letter to his brother Bill (pictured above) and asked him to not open it until his death. Below is the transcript of the the full letter : “Hello and may all be well with both of you and your family. Things are fairly crook with me but while I in mind and…