Ivan Milat cross-examination, 1996

Ivan Milat cross-examination, 1996 image 0

Ivan Milat leaving the Supreme Court– July 24, 1996

Ivan Milat interrogation by the Crown district attorney, Mr. Mark Tedeschi on June 20, 1996:

I recommend to you that you threw away Mr James Gibson’s equipment in the Galston Gorge which you recognized that location?

IM: I never ever threw away absolutely nothing and also I do not truly understand that location.

I recommend to you that you took Deborah Everist’s home which that’s just how her bedroll happened in your house?

Ivan Milat cross-examination, 1996 image 1

IM: I never ever took absolutely nothing of hers as well as I do not recognize absolutely nothing regarding her things at our location.

I recommend to you that you offered her knapsack to your sister-in-law, Joan, understanding that the genuine proprietor of that knapsack was deceased?

IM: I had no suggestion back then that she had that knapsack.

Worrying the murders of Gabor Neugebauer and also Anja Habschied, I recommend you eliminated them alone or in firm?

IM: I understand absolutely nothing concerning the fatalities of them individuals.

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Which you made use of, or somebody with you made use of, both a Ruger 10/22 and also the Anschutz rifle that was discovered in the recess at that scene or close by?

IM: I do not understand absolutely nothing concerning what you are discussing.

As well as the Ruger that was utilized … was the Ruger, components which were located in you wall surface dental caries?

IM: I’ve no suggestion anything regarding it whatsoever.

That you made use of cloths for tricks or blindfolds?

Ivan Milat cross-examination, 1996 image 3

IM: Wrong.

In connection with the fatalities of Caroline Clarke and also Joanne Walters, I recommend that you eliminated them …?

IM: Wrong Again.

Which at that scene you, or a person with you, made use of the very same Ruger to murder Caroline Clarke?

IM: I never ever did.

Which you was accountable for every one of the things … from the dead backpackers being located in the areas they were located in by the cops?

IM: No.

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